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Friday, March 27, 2009

Test your skin type

Skin care experts Biotherm are encouraging more men and women to have their skin tested.

There is a minefield of different types and textures of products available and picking the right one is never easy. But now, clients can visit the Biotherm counter to take a free electronic Bioscan test which measures levels of moisture, oils and other elements in the skin.

Brian Williams, UK training director on the Bioscan, said: "The Bioscan is the latest skin testing tool from Biotherm that reads your oil, elasticity and hydration levels in just 30 seconds.

"You may feel healthy inside but your skin could be telling a different story, the Bioscan will help to determine which products work with your skin to give you the ultimate healthy glow." The popular brand has created a number of new products ideal for the effects the summer weather can have on all different types of skin.

The Multi Recharge new energising moisturiser with SPF15 is perfect for protecting while energising and rehydrating. They have also developed a Resculpt range for the body which targets women hoping to regain tone and shape.

And if you want healthy-looking tanned skin, Biotherm's Summer Source gradual tanners are a must have.

To have a free Bioscan test and consultation with a skin care expert, visit the Biotherm counter at Boots, Eldon Square and MetroCentre.